5 Righteous "Essentials"- Items We Cannot Live Without


are the real righteous "essentials" that we can not live without. When living the life of stoke it's hard to look at every item we use and not appreciate the value it bring's to our lives. In our last meeting we decided to come up with 5 items that we really could not live without. The items were so close to each other we just decided to make one righteous minded list:

1. Glasses (Regular or Sun)

Jesus these guys save lives. We never thought of glasses being such an essential item till we made this list. When you have the "world's most sensitive eyes" (Lemay) it's not an easy day forgetting this pair. Also, it gives you the ability to read at-least 10 feet in front of you, which is a huge plus. Also, as rumor tells glasses make a man look much more educated.... something we truly could use!!

2. Hat (Preferably a Righteous One)

Hats are wild items if you think about it. From protection to overall style this bad boy has you covered on all levels. When getting off the mountain you need something to cover that messy hair. Also, hat's come in so many different styles and looks that they are the most versatile tool in our wardrobe. Not a big hat person?? That's what beanies are for ;)

3. Pair of Vans (Beat to SH*T)

"The more worn & beat the better" is our motto at righteous. These shoes are one of the most versatile pairs of kicks you can own. From hiking, skating, commuting, traveling, partying, ect. these baby's always perform! Oh.... and a pair last's 10 years!?! We are not sponsored by Vans, but when they last so long why would you need to be?? Kidding...... (Like hit us up? haha)

4. Backpack

Ahh.. Thé Good Ole' Sack Pack. Man the pioneers used to wear them for miless!!! When you're traveling around the daily vortex of life it is essential for us to have our backpack's. Not only do they hold all our things, but help with back structure and style points (something Lemay needs most). Also, backpacks are very customizable for all the stokers out there! Slap on some patches, pins, or paint and you got yourself a pretty righteous pack!!

5. Skateboard

Boarding is a massive part of Righteous Amenities and it's only fitting that we have a skateboard in our essential lineup. Skateboard's can be used for way more than just riding around and actually is the most versatile item in our collection.

Short Story: "I once used a skateboard camping to cut vegetables (Pre CaronaVirus), set up my tent, and carry wood across the campground." (Ray)

That's why I consider the skateboard to be such an essential item. Plus, they are the best item to kill time and have some fun with friends.

Such a pleasure sharing our 5 "essential" righteous items with you. Give us a like below and leave a comment with your favorite items! Stay Stoked and GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Written By: Ray Makusiewicz

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