Don't Trip ~> Take a Road Trip

Welcome back! Righteous blogs took a fast standstill with school coming to an end. But fuck it... Lets Write!!

Some blog ideas:

  1. Remaining Productive

  2. Living in Outdoors

  3. Stranded on Island: 5 things

  4. Road Trip Drives

Well, seeing the title if you guessed #4 your spot on! Road trips are interesting as people either REALLY hate them or REALLY love them. No in between. As I was thinking about this I wondered some righteous pro tips to get through a long road trip.... here we goooo!

Music (Live or Phone)

Music is an unreal way to spend time while driving in the car. Try to discovering new music or playing an old school album. Also, live music is such a good option. If someone in the car knows how to play a guitar its a great time for a live concert with a few of your friends. Nothing will bring you closer and make the time go faster than a live concert while traveling in your car!

Take in the View

Enjoying the great views on a road trip is a great way to divide those long drives in half. Take a moment to appreciate whats around you while traveling through the different states. Missing a great view is something that you do not want to regret on taking a road trip.

Take a moment to scout out some solid points along the way by doing a little research. Most states have different pull off points that can provide a great look at the landscape. But, these can be a bit crowded with tourist so it might be best to try and hike to an area with a better view if you have time

Skate Trick at Gas Station

Try a trick at every gas station you stop at! This is a good way to stretch the legs and also improve you skating. You can also make this into a game with a friend to see who can complete the most amount of tricks.

Also, doing 10 pushups is a smart idea in the grass area of a rest stop or besides a gas station. This creates energy when proceeding with your trip as well as some physical activity. Get creative with your different activities at every stop. Try and stay stoked on those long stretches.

Playing Games

Card, license plate, and state trivia games are some of the best road trip games to pass sometimes. Like music, this gets everyone closer throughout the trip and creates a bit of competition. It is important that you keep all the games rotating as you don't want one to get too boring on those long drives.

Trying to find unique land marks is also a fun game to do on the way. Make it kind of a scavenger hunt so it keeps the whole car engaged in the views throughout the ride. Obviously does not work too well in big flat states haha!!

Written by: Raymond Makusiewicz

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