I Love Hot Sauce

I have a large issue..... I feel like hot sauce is not appreciated correctly. We look back on to our past and think of the times we have used hot sauce for a meal. Personally, this is every F*&cking time. I will run you through my thoughts on how hot sauce can change the game.

Put Tapatió on anything... I dare you! Anything from veggies to meat this hot sauce kicks ass. Just ask our "content guy" Matt Lemay.

“Tapatio is the nectar of the gods and I cannot imagine going more than 36 hours with out putting it on my food, I don’t know where I would be in my life with out and if I have to live the rest of my life knowing that tapatio hot sauce is the greatest accomplishment in the history of man, then I can die a happy man”

Righteous Tip: Walmart.... For $1.97 you can pack some heavy flavor

Amazon??? Regardless how shitty the company is this flavor is top of the line. With it's cheap price and powerful flavor it's crazy hard to beat. I describe it as.....

"Its the hot sauce that is a bang for flavor as well as for your buck"

Do yourself a favor and give it a try because it will not disappoint. We nicknamed this one The Local's Budget.

Righteous Tip: Get this at Job Lot. Cheap and always in stock.

Not much to say... It's good to be honest. I look at this hot sauce as some type of "do it all" type of mix that comes with a pretty cool top. Wood just breathes quality. I find this stuff a bit expensive, but sometimes you are able to find deals. It's almost at every taco joint so keep an eye out.

Righteous Tip: Get the 2 for 1 deal at Stop & Shop. Also, try putting it on top of your egg's while you cook.

Make hot sauce fun and change it up after a while. You can never beat a good quality hot sauce and sometimes you need to spoil yourself. It's like coffee, you use it every day and it's worth trying new flavor's out. Righteous hot sauce in the future?!?!?!

Written by: Raymond Makusiewicz

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