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Alright...... so the classic middle school fill out "5 essentials for being stranded on an island" is coming back! I always had a good time with this little exercise, but it made me sort of angry by the choices of my classmates!! I think people overthink the essentials and should go with items that make them happy. So here is our take at it:


Ahh the good olé Hatchet. Used for centuries as a multi use tool. This bad boy could really do anything if you put your mind too. Versatility is the name of the game for when you are on a deserted island which makes the Hatchet a top choice

Use it shave, cut wood, or hunt some food and you are all set. I would recommend choosing one with a small flint on the back of it, but I am guessing we would not have a choice here..... hahah


Ropes a prettttyyyy big deal when you are stranded on an island If you need to tie something or even protect yourself rope can be fairly useful.

Id prefer a pretty thick rope in this situation so I would hope that it had some quality to it. But again.... you usually have a very little for a choice.


Staying dry is nice! Having a tarp offers a good amount of shade, protection, and warmth when it comes to embracing what nature has to offer. I also think that this would act as a shelter for a long period of time.

Try the suspended tarp on a tree that is held up by a wood stick in the middle. This is key when it comes to a good nights sleep.


Well if I am stuck on an island I probably should have a board of choice.... Thinking around a 7"2 fun board with a pinned out tail. Something that is versatile in both small and heavy surf.

I think it would ease the tension of being deserted on this island and keep you sane. Believe it or not some guys actually get stuck on an island so they can surf. Thinking this could be a relaxing mindset if everyones doing? Oh well its worth a try!


If I am with someone this is going to have to be a large negative, but if I am alone its a 100% an essential item. This thing will give me endless hours of play time and maybe even a way to adapt with the wild. I could play songs for the monkey's in return for bananas on a tree?? I think that's how it works......

Plus, you can get the vibes right with playing some good Ukelele tunes. Good music, clean surf, and solitude sounds more like a dream vacation to me than a place you are stranded in. STAY RIGHTEOUS!

Written By: Raymond Makusiewicz

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