Life in College- Pursuing Your Passion!

College is a time of disorganization and struggle. You seek to find your meaning in life as all hell breaks loose with social distractions. As I swam through the motions in my first three years I felt a distance in meaning and structure to my life. This took until my senior year to realize that I wanted something bigger..... impact lives through growing a brand. Here are do's and don'ts of pursuing your passion in college!


READ & READ MORE: Your probably saying.... wow reading that's horrible, but I truly mean that reading will change your life. I have established a rule: 10 pages a day. This rule is a solid guideline to finishing a-lot of books and boosting your knowledge. Trust me, I hated reading, but it is a gateway to way too much knowledge not learn.

Righteous Pro-tip: While doing your homework take 10 min. reading breaks in between. This way you can reset your thoughts by gaining extra knowledge.

BE DIFFERENT: Will people laugh, make fun, and hate on you? Yes, but this will have zero effect on you if you have a single goal in mind. I still get beef from people on being too boring. It's important to prioritize your personal passion, and if it's not your's simply throw it out the window.

Righteous Pro-Tip: "Screw em"........ This is a simple life saying that I use whenever someone is bothering me for the wrong reasons. Stay on track. Do what you want!!

SOCIAL DISTANCE (Good time to practice): Not only now, but driven individuals have been social distancing for years. Lock yourself in a room! Kidding haha.... this all takes alot of work. It's important to gain the advantage of putting your head down and working hard! Guarantee you will be marked as anti-social, but when your loving life who gives a shit!

Righteous Pro-Tip: Dorm rooms are loud... real loud. Find your spot in a quiet part of the library or in a conference room. Bottom floors of the library are killer spots.


EAT SHITTY FOOD: Be smart. Not only did I eat poorly throughout school, I didn't care at all for my health. Feeling too busy to care I made it a routine to skip the emphasize on eating healthy and going right towards the junk. Once all of this was cut out my energy & production levels were through the roof!

Righteous Pro-Tip: Drink Bulletproof coffee. This lifestyle is built for people on the go and fits well for most college diets. Eat less with high quality foods is the name of the game!

GET ANXIOUS: Defiantly easier said then done, but you have TIME. Luckily, we are all at the age where we can figure out and reset certain things. It's important to take control of the controllable and forget the uncontrollable. When something happens that I can not control there is zero reason to get upset about it. Like Matt Lemay says: "It will be alright!"

Righteous Pro-Tip: Don't judge yourself. We all want to be the best, but just control the things within your path and it will all work out!

Cheers to more dreams and passions! May we pursue all our goals in life!

Written by: Raymond Makusiewicz

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