Making the Effort- Staying in Touch & Communicating

Ahoy Chillers,

its "content guy" back for more blogging on this wild wave we call the internet. Now I am fully aware that in the last blog I came across as a man who has become fully unhinged from the trappings of reality. Truth be told, at that moment; I had. It’s been a long two weeks and with the end seeming to slip father and father away with every update on the current state of affairs. Things got dark this morning within the confines of the blog-sphere.

Anyway, before I fully lose any sense of a formative thought and delve into another rambling manifesto of my thoughts and insecurities. I did have something that I wanted to speak to actually touch on today and that being make an effort to reach out to the homies:

The last two weeks have been a complete U-turn from conventional living, and we are all currently residents of Banana-Land. To make matters worse with the implementations of quarantines and travel bans many of us have been separated from our friends and the ones that we often times lean during times of insecurity, doubts and fear.

With that in mind the same feelings that you have all of the homies are probably experiencing the same things. We’re all in this one together. With that being said reach out to them. See how they’re doing and how they’re holding up. Plus is good to talk to someone outside of the bubble that is wherever you’re currently held up.

I’ve found over the few weeks that reaching out to the fellas and shooting the shit has been a sense of normalcy that may have been missing. Its good to catch up with people and see how they’re holding up. Check in with each other and be good to each other during these trying times. A little stoke goes a long way.

Written By: Matt Lemay

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