Nature ~> Soul of the Righteous Minds

Nature is the life of the righteous soul. One of the few things we can not live without and can't get enough. I love to think that nature is the speaking force behind many of things that happen in your life as its the driving force for our decisions, actions, and well-being.


Why we do certain things... Nature is important to these decisions. We make decisions like what to wear and do based on nature. For instance, if its a beautiful day we make the decision to go on a hike or if the surf is pumping we are out in the water enjoying what nature has offered us. Take full advantage of this on a daily basis!! Get outside!!


Creating us to go places... Nature allows us to be able to do the things that we love. When it comes to snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding nature is the determining factor behind the most epic days. It also has effects on what we do at each time of the year when it comes to these different sports. Nature backs up all of these!!


Humbles us.... Struggle is natural for humans. This creates a flight or fight response every-time you are out in the most extreme natural conditions. Experiences of you freezing on top of a mountain to cold duck dives underneath waves are things that stick in the memories of our crew. All these hardships humble me!

Written By: Raymond Makusiewicz


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