Game of G.N.A.R- Righteous Edition

Game of GNAR Description:

G.N.A.R, short for 'Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness' — is a point-based system created by Robb Graffney & Shane McConkey at Squaw Valley Resort. According to Powder Magazine the "goal in the game is to get as many points as possible by skiing the most radical line" (Stifter, 2010). Putting our own righteous tweak on things we present to you the game of G.N.A.R Righteous Edition:

How It Works:

G.N.A.R. points are awarded based on how discomfortable the situation is and how gnarly the run. Following that formula, stomping a big cliff air might get you 500 points — but skiing that same line naked after shouting at the top of your lungs that you were ‘about to rip the s--t out of it!' would earn you over double the points. G.N.A.R. points are also won or lost for random acts as defined in the rulebook: Day ending injury costs you 1,000 points, while drinking beer in the park gets you 350 points. Gnarlier and funnier the points get higher and higher.

Is This Do-able in a Day?

The game sees you earn points for riding particularly rad lines or achieving particularly hilarious tasks, and lose points for doing anything uncharacteristically lame.

Point winning scenarios MUST be witnessed by another player or otherwise caught on camera ( Ideally both )

The game begins the moment you physically receive the checklist that morning.

Point Values!

So not only can you earn points (duh) but you can also lose them.

Positive Point Include…

  • "I'm the most righteous skier/boarder on this mountain" - If said to a random person on the mountain Worth= 200 ( 4 allowed for points )

  • Bringing attention to yourself before you hit a hard line Worth=250

  • Get a stranger to say I love you too : Worth= 250

  • Fart on the bubble to summit lift and claim it Worth= 500

  • Telling someone to "Stay Righteous" (Strangers Only) Worth= 25

  • Post a Righteous instagram story at the mountain and Tag @righteousamenities Worth= 200

  • Give out a beer anywhere on mountain Worth= 400 ( Strangers only )

  • The very first chair of the day Worth=Automatic WIN ( HAHA! you missed 1st chair)

  • Call your mom while your riding a gnarly line Worth = 500 ( 1 allowed, and better be GNARLY)

  • Drink a beer while riding the PARK and features are hit = 350 (Infinite)

  • T- Shirt Lap Worth= 300

  • Ride with back binding unstrapped for a whole run Worth= 400

  • Slap a Righteous Amenities sticker on a chair lift Worth= 200

  • Filming a stranger shoutout/rep RIghteous Amenities Worth= 350 (STRANGERS ONLY)

Negative points include..

  • Losing/Dropping an item(pole/gopro/glove/etc...) Worth= 50 per item

  • Tripping in front of a group of people Worth= 150

  • Receive hate on a Righteous item (guess your not rocking it right :/) Worth= 200

  • Claiming a trick and falling Worth= 100 per fall

  • Dropping a beer while riding Worth= 150

  • A day ending injury Worth= 1000

Provided Righteous By:

Willie Dynamite (aka Wild Bill)

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