Righteously Indoors- The Life of the Slow Moving Nomad

Hey stokers, its "Content guy" checking in via the inter-webs. As everyone’s surely aware we are living in unprecedented times right now. To go along with everything else, us over here at Righteous have decided to start a blog. Now the purpose of these posts and writings is to do what we always do, share the stoke, a few stories and to more importantly keep all of you in the know with what’s going on over here with us both from the perspective of a clothing brand and individually.

"Righteously Indoors" The Lifestyle

For this first one the idea I had was to just share some thoughts, tips and tricks I’ve had and or been using to get myself through the last couple of weeks. They seem to be working to an extent for myself and hopefully it can help you do the same. Then again, this whole thing could just be a cathartic exercise for myself as a means to break up some of the monotony of not being able to move about the world as one would wish.

First and foremost, I would like to set the record straight on several things. I have been known to coin the phrase “Righteously Indoors”. That was a complete crock of bologna. When this whole thing is said and done, I will be packing my belongings and moving into a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Spending my day wandering the wilderness amongst the woodland creatures and foraging for nuts and berries. I have come to despise living within the confines of my home. Every day feels like ground hog day and there seems to be no end in sight. I have watched everything on both Netflix and YouTube.

"I have begun counting the spots on the ceiling, but alas I quickly lose interest and forget the number I am on. Causing myself to start again, Time is a meaningless flat circle.I now look forward to seeing the mailman drive by and drop of the daily parcels, a sense of normalcy. But alas there are never any post for me."- Lemay

Previously before I was shuddered away inside, I would have relished at the thought of having a lazy day to do absolutely nothing. Now I seem to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think I miss the freedom of knowing that at any point I could get up and go do whatever my heart desired, but instead wasted those precious days of freedom napping and watching cooking shows on Youtube. Never shall I nap again. Now I feel as if the world is spinning around me while I sit there helplessly watching it all go by.

Written By: Matt Lemay

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