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as we move forward with our daily lives. As frustration has probably set in for most we look at the new reality we face. This reality includes many things for different people, but each one of us has had something taken away. For us, it's the idea of all board sport's being banned for every day life. We want to bring you back down some memories of an epic winter season on the ICE COAST:

Snowboarding #AverageRiders

Seeking passion... I look back to all the years of snowboarding and find some difference in this years mentality. Not only was it a constant search, there was more of a "have too" mentality when deciding to hit the mountain. We as a righteous group adventured out to far more places and created a community around our riding. The term #averageriders was not only a staple to our company, but a mentality of expressing your true skills. Being the best is not always the best as being the worst is not always the worst. The true determinant was the stoke you brought to the table.

June 18, 2019

Mt Hood,

The journey all began back in June as Tom and I took a trip out to Oregon. I don't know if the energy of this mountain made the difference or what, but my god it changed how we looked at the sport. It's amazing to see all these people just stoking out and the community coming together all summer long. From guzzling down beers at the base lodge to ripping turns in the public terrain park this experience truly changed everything.

December 2nd, 2019

MT Snow,

The home base for Righteous Amenities this season as we frequently visited this mountain every weekend. This place did not disappoint as it has all the options for each type of rider and condition. For example, the "North Face" side of mountain is great for out of bounds riding and challenging turns. The "Main Face" is amazing for those icy days where man made snow is the only option. Lastly, "Carinthia" is one of the best terrain parks in the world with amazing features for everyone. Good vibes all around for an amazing start and finish of our ice coast season.

December 18th, 2019

Crotched Mountain,

This small ski resort did not disappoint in any way. Having it only an 1hr & 45min away it was a dream of the "local" resort. Even though it had limited terrain, it created a great post work place with it offering night riding till 9pm. Also Molly's Tavern and Bar down the street was a great place to catch a live performance and smash some brews. This mountain offered tons of stoke and a good place to practice much needed tricks.

January 7th, 2019

Wildcat Mountain,

Claiming this place is the coldest & gnarliest mountain on the east. Hitting this mid winter is a risk, but we seem to score the best snow on this yearly trip. Even though this mountain seems to be for skier's, I think that terrain meets only certain riding types. If you like steep, gnarly, woodsy, and epic terrain this is the place to go! Big shouts to the Cat!!! Ohh... and it has sickkkkk views (see below).

Cheers to many more great winters on the beast coast! Much Love

Written by: Raymond Makusiewicz

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