Staying Stoked- The Real "Amenities"

Times are rough- Damn..... half of America is unemployed and people are struggling big time. After facing the loss of my senior year, lacrosse season, job, and snowboarding season all within 72 hours driving forward and staying positive was the the hardest outlook. But, we have some righteous pro-tips for you on staying STOKED!!

The Gratitude Method- Three Easy Steps

  • Create Notebook- Strictly for goals

  • Find Time- We all have it now!

  • Write it down: grateful, goals, failures, yearly goals

Righteous Pro Tip:

Through the worse times there is always something to be grateful for! For example, if you have a cup of coffee in the morning be grateful for that. Not only will you feel completely better, but guarantee that cup of coffee will taste better too ;)

Positivity First

  • Nature- Key to all of this. Actual positive energy comes from the ground. GROUND YOURSELF!

  • Something Goes Wrong?- Think 3 positive thoughts

  • Workout!- Feeling negative/stressed do pushups to reset

Righteous Pro Tip:

No rush here.... this takes time.

Always think the positive what if? For example, if a paper deletes from your computer and there's no recovery. Take 10 minutes to reset and gain your thoughts. Then, answer the positive what if: What if this paper is better?

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